Eyebrows: Get Them on FLEEK for Summer.


Eyebrows are important. If they’re not at the forefront of your makeup routine, perhaps you should take a long look in the mirror and really think about what you’ve done…or rather, haven’t done. Ok, cool. Now let’s make up for lost time. Tips for treating your beloved brows right: 1. Don’t pluck too much. I know, it’s tempting and so easy to get carried away. But before you reach for that little clump of hairs to “just even it up a bit” take a deep breath, and close your eyes for ten seconds. Find your center and open them slowly. If you still feel the need to go that extra step, alright fine. Just remember, pencil thin eyebrows were only hot on Christina Aguilera in 2001. 3. Invest in a good brush/comb combo. I use one like this from Sephora. Gently brushing your brows adds volume and the angled brush at the end really assists in shaping the perfect brow. mary-kay-eyeliner-eyebrow-brush-z1 3. Don’t pencil. Instead use powder. I didn’t fully understand the importance of powder until I got a European Wax Center powder compact for Christmas, and I can truly say I will never use pencil again. Powder is much more precise, looks a thousand times more natural because it clings to individual hairs, and in my experience, lasts much longer than pencil does. . eyebrow-wax 4.  Using an eyebrow serum is crucial! It blends the powder smoothly and locks it in tight. I know, I know you’re thinking you’ll be fine without it, or you’ll just use some mascara…NO. You won’t be fine. Splurge on the serum. Mine has already lasted a year and a half. (I use the European Wax Center’s serum as well). Eyebrow shape it Therein lies the secret to on fleek brows. Go forth and shape them well, my friends.


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