I #(Kind of)LoveMyJacks


I’ve always lived by the mantra “If it’s good enough for Jackie Kennedy, it’s good enough for me.” So when I saw a pair of the infamous Jack Rogers sandals on consignment last summer, I snatched them up faster than John could say Marilyn Monroe. I got them for $60 bucks and after a year’s worth of wear and tear, they’ve yet to look overused.

If you’re a fan of classic looks, preppy style, or have ever met a sorority girl..you’ve probably seen these sandals gracing the toes of a Jackie-wannabee out there. And if you haven’t, the #LoveMyJacks Instagram campaign has provided more excuses for super duper cute pics of preppy feet, so you’re bound to come across them at some point. “Jacks” as Jack Rogers veterans casually call them, come in every color you can imagine. They have a Brazilian leather upper, a solid wooden sole, and typically run for around $110. They’re not cheap, but they look nice and supposedly last forever. So after finding my Jacks in a moment of serendipity, and wearing the heck out of them, I looked down at my feet today and asked myself, do I really love my Jacks?

The answer: I have a love/hate relationship with them. They look great, it’s true. They look great with dresses, with jeans, with shorts, with anything. Somehow the style magically adapts itself to look casual when you want it to, and dressy when you need it to. Jacks are ever reliable in that regard. However, they are not that comfortable and whoever tells you differently is lying. In short spurts, they’re fine but as an all-day shoe? Forget it. The wooden ole provides little cushion, leaving the bottom of your feet defenseless against the pebbles, sidewalk cracks, and general toughness of the ground below. After walking in them for more than a few hours, I’m guaranteed sore feet the next morning. And they clack. My Jacks fit me well, but each step draws attention with a steady, unbecoming, clickety-clack.

I can’t say that I’ll ever be that Jack Rogers girl. I probably won’t own multiple pairs at a time, or even buy one pair for full price. I can’t say that I loveeeeee my Jacks. But I really do like them. They haven’t failed an outfit yet, and sometimes sore feet is the price you pay for fashion.


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