Best Gluten Free Burger–Boston


I’m recently out of school and face-to-face with the bittersweetness of boredom. After going stir crazy at home, I made the trek into Cambridge for a drop-in ballet class. The class, described as “intermediate, but those with dance experience should be able to follow along” was a humbling experience. After what felt like an eternity of flopping around in front of several professional dancers, my ballet shod heels clicked together “there’s no place like Tasty Burger. There’s no place like Tasty Burger,” and I drown my sorrows in a quarter pound of meat, cheese, and pickles.

With gluten free options popping up more frequently, especially in cities, finding great GF eats is no longer a rarity. However, finding products that taste like their gulten-full originals is sometimes a struggle. That’s why I adore the buns at Tasty Burger. I LOVE burgers, so whenever a place has gluten-free buns, I’m all over it. But sometimes the buns are too crunchy on the outside, too crumbly on the inside, or just don’t absorb the juices and sauces like they should–refusing to become one with the burger. Whatever Tasty Burger is doing, they’re doing it right. I usually order the Big Tasty and would eat one every day (I’m not kidding) if I could.